Traditional Persian Treatments


This traditional treatment increases blood circulation and rejuvenates and softens skin. This treatment is often coupled with facials.

  • Facial Treatment – $20
  • Hand + Foot Treatment – $30

Ear Candling

This ancient treatment rids excess wax from inside the ear canal and can help with hearing difficulties, headaches, and sinus infections caused by wax buildup.

  • Ear Candling – $50


A facial is a 60 minute treatment in which the client’s face is cleansed, scrubbed, and peeled (using one of the peels listed below). After the peel, the client’s pores are extracted of blackheads, dirt and debris. While the peel takes place, the client’s hands, feet, and shoulders are massaged in this relaxing treatment. Next, the peel is removed and a soothing face mask is given to restore the client’s facial pH levels. The treatment is accompanied by direct steam and hot towels (saturated with essential oils). Chest peel will include an additional $20 to any facial type.

Glycolic Acid Peel – $85

A cell renewal peel designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture, and other signs of aging, as well as to minimize the pores.

Lactic Acid Peel – $85

A non-irritating exfoliant and lightening peel with arbutin and kojic acid designed to increase cell turnover on the surface, creating vibrant and smoother skin.

Salicylic Acid Peel – $85

Using a percentage of salicylic acid (10-20% acid concentration depending on the skin’s sensitivity) combined with anti-acne products, exfoliation, and extraction of blackheads, this treatment improves skin clarity and reduces acne blemishes while soothing redness and inflammation.

Pumpkin Peel – $85

Using a 15% pumpkin-orange enzyme concentration packed with vitamin A and C, this peel is a great solution for sensitive skin that cannot normally tolerate acid peels. The pumpkin-orange mixture combats free radical damage in order to smoothen complexion and even skin tone.

Zesty Orange Peel – $85

Using concentrated orange enzyme packed with vitamin C, this peel immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles, blotches, broken capillaries, wrinkles and fine lines. Good for acne-prone skin, this treatment shrinks enlarged pores and smoothens uneven texture.

Cherry Berry Peel – $85

Combines cherries and blueberries to provide immediate results and is great for aging skin. Destroys free radicals, strengthens collagen, and reduces inflammation while making your skin soft and smooth.

TCA Depigmentation Peel (15% Azelaic Acid) – $85

Formulated for darker skin types, this peel evens skin tone and texture and is perfect for hyperpigmentation and melasma (irregular dark patches).

Back Facial – $85

Includes your choice of a chemical peel + blackhead extraction.


This therapeutic resurfacing treatment to remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface to treat fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, superficial scars, blackheads and acne, and some stretch marks, and is followed by a calming mask with antioxidants.

Double Duty Exfoliating and Stimulating Peel – $130 (including Chest will be an additional $40)

Combing microdermabrasion with a fruit enzyme peel (depending on the client’s skin), this paramedical facial reduces fine lines, shrinks enlarged pores, minimizes acne scars, smoothens uneven skin texture, and erases sun damage and brown spots.

Body Wrap

Body Wrap with Sugar, Honey and Seaweed – $160

In this 2-hour treatment, the client’s whole body is:

  • exfoliated and scrubbed to remove dead skin
  • masked with seaweed
  • wrapped in blankets to sweat out impurities and detoxify
  • brushed with body oil

After the treatment, a traditional Persian herbal beverage (containing chia seeds and rose water) is served to calm the digestive system.
This treatment:

  • detoxifies and exfoliates skin
  • relaxes the client
  • boosts blood circulation
  • encourages a good night’s sleep

Body Wrap + Mini Facial – $200

A body wrap coupled with a facial using the client’s choice of enzymatic peel.


Legs + Bikini Wax – $75

Brazilian Wax – $70

Legs – $65

Half Leg – $50

Bikini Wax – $35

Face (including eyebrow shaping) – $65

Nostrils – $20

Eyebrow or Lip + Chin – $20

Ears – $20

Back – $70

Chest – $50

Stomach -$40

Underarms – $25

Full Arms – $40


Eyebrow + Eyelash – $40

Eyebrow – $25

Eyelash – $25

Lash Perm + Lash Tint – $85

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